Beanstalk is coming to Leighton Buzzard

Children's literary charity Beanstalk is coming to Leighton Buzzard
Children's literary charity Beanstalk is coming to Leighton Buzzard

It’s a shocking but true statistic – more than 10 percent of UK children are leaving primary school unable to read well.

But good news for struggling local youngsters – children’s literary charity Beanstalk is moving to Leighton Buzzard this school year.

The charity, which has been supporting children for more than 40 years, aims to rewrite the numbers through providing dedicated one-to-one assistance.

This is done through recruiting and training reading helpers, who should be happy to offer a long-term commitment to the charity. They are encouraged to provide two sessions of support each week to the same children for a full year.

This gives much-needed consistency to those who need it most, while simultaneously boosting their confidence and wellbeing.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Carter said: “This is a great opportunity for Beanstalk and we are really excited to be able to support even more children and tackle illiteracy in a new area.

“Our volunteers are invaluable to our organisation and we’re hopeful that we’ll build a strong network.”

The charity was founded in 1973 as Volunteer Reading Help by Susan Belgrave MBE, now its president.

It recruits, vets, trains and supports volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading.

Its vision is a nation of confident children who can read and grow up to lead successful lives.

Each Beanstalk reading helper works with three children and sees each one for a 30 minute session twice a week during term time for a whole year.

Together they read, play and talk and with Beanstalk’s support the child’s approach to learning and enjoying reading is often transformed.

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