Beware those January blues as we start 2015

Leighton Buzzard Writers’ weekly LBO column. This week by Sarah Thorogood

So Christmas is over and today is the day when all the decorations come down and the January blues begin to set in.

We are feeling fat after all the extra food we seem to put away over the festive period, and made a list of various New Year’s resolutions, half of which will probably be broken by the end of the week. Yet we still make them every year, much like the build up to Christmas, it’s all part of the tradition.

The shop windows in Leighton Buzzard are already displaying the expected ‘sales’ signs, with many items selling for silly prices, ensnaring us through the door to spend money we don’t really have, and buy things we definitely don’t need.

And so, this is how most of us spend the month of January. Just a couple of weeks in, we have no money left and the end of the month payday is still weeks away.

That’s when the blues start to set in. We’re stuck indoors with no money and nothing to do. We start to think about summer and what holidays we can book, just wishing that the weather would improve.

The Christmas holiday seems too short and all too soon we are back at work, trying to hurry the weeks along until our next break.

The New Year’s resolutions I made are still hanging on, the secular tradition just as popular today as when it first started. They usually include an act of self-improvement or something nice for others. The most popular seems to be that ever hard task of losing weight; or maybe finally join the gym.

The promises we make to ourselves on that first day of January have all the right intentions and if we are lucky, sometimes they even stick! So as we pack Christmas away for another year, instead of looking back and feeling sad, let’s start as we mean to go on and see what the new year will bring, who knows, it may even be better than last year…

Happy New Year to you all and here’s to a prosperous 2015!