Birds of a Feather are not so far away!

Lesley Joseph in the 'desert'
Lesley Joseph in the 'desert'

“What will I do when you are far away...” so the theme tune to a classic British sitcom begins.

But eagle-eyed viewers watching Birds of a Feather’s Saturday Christmas special may note the trio are much closer than they seem!

That’s because the Christmas Eve programme – set in stunning Morrocco – was actually filmed in Bryants Quarry at Heath and Reach which is owned by Silica Sands.

The TV special follows Sharon (Pauline Quirk), Tracey (Linda Robson)and Dorien (Lesley Joseph) as they embark on an adventure to Tangier, Morocco to search for Tracey’s missing son, Travis.

Their serious mission soons descends into outright farce and star Lesley Joseph has told the media that those behind the show have hopes for a new series following the Christmas special’s broadcast.

The filming is also the latest in a long list of film and TV shows using the quarry location as a stand-in for the desert.

The Mummy Returns, BBC’s Our Girl and a soon to be released film version of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House – the last of the murder mystery writer’s novels to be adapted for screen – were all filmed at the famed quarry location.

A spokesman for LB Silica Sands said it was not their policy to confirm filming but added that the quarry was in regular demand from producers.