Blind man may face claim from taxi driver who reversed into his guide dog

Mike Gurney with Emma, his guide dog
Mike Gurney with Emma, his guide dog

A blind man whose guide dog was injured by a taxi may face a claim from the cab driver who found a small dent in his vechicle.

Mike Gurney, 69, was shopping with his German Shepherd, Emma, last month when the taxi mounted the curb and knocked into them.

Emma fell against Mr Gurney so he frantically thumped on the car to stop it from reversing any more.

He reported the incident, which happened in Stony Stratford High street, and he claims police officers told him they would prosecute the driver.

But Mr Gurney, who lives in Deanshanger, has now received a call to say no action will be taken.

And he may even face a claim from the taxi driver’s insurance company.

Mr Gurney, who was told the incident was a ‘legal manoeuvre’, said: “How can it be legal to reverse onto a pavement and hit a guide dog?”

Emma was rushed to the vet and treated for bruising but Mr Gurney thinks the incident will have knocked her confidence.

He said: “It could have a devastating effect.

“She is only 22 months old and the accident happened five-and-a-half weeks after I had her.”

A police spokesman said: “We understand this was an upsetting incident for all those involved.

“Fortunately neither the pedestrian or the driver were injured, although the dog did sustain minor injuries.

“Police have spoken to all those involved about the incident and the driver was given a verbal warning and advice.

“Following an investigation by TVP the decision was made that no action will be taken against the driver.

“If the owner of the dog is unhappy with the outcome he can of course make a formal complaint to us so we can look into it.”