Brave Wing couple take on big Bosphorus swim

Jennifer and Keith
Jennifer and Keith

An athletic couple from Wing took on a big July challenge, as they swam six and a half km along the The Bosphorus strait, in Turkey.

Keith Esdon, 61, and his wife Jennifer, 53, completed the mighty task on Sunday, July 23, in order to raise money for the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), with a target of £2,000.

The Bosphorus Strait

The Bosphorus Strait

For safety, the husband and wife duo took part in their charity challenge with Swim Trek, who organise trips for travellers.

The Bosphorus joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea in Istanbul, and separates the continents of Europe and Asia.

Keith said: “We both finished in quite respectable times, Jenny in one hour 28 minutes, and myself in one hour 24 minutes.

“The event was huge, although if we went without Swim Trek we would have been lost in the size; quite a few people misjudged the finish and were swept past the end, having to swim back against the current.

“Around 30 were picked up by the rescue boats!”

Keith and Jenny started open water swimming only two years ago, training in UK lakes.

Keith, who used to work in the field of science (infection and control), previously living in Cyprus and the Middle East, said: “We felt that by taking on such a challenge in open water we might – fleetingly – understand what it must be like when you have no choice.

“We have all seen many images of refugees in boats and a child on a beach; the world is becoming desensitised to this continual and growing problem.

“IMRF is a non political charity that helps fund and offer assistance to organisations around the world, helping refugees, sailors, holiday makers and fishermen alike, rescuing those in peril at sea.”