After just weeks as the Cranky Weasel, Leighton Buzzard pub will be the Top Bell again!

The Cranky Weasel will revert to The Top Bell
The Cranky Weasel will revert to The Top Bell

‘Just how many times can one pub change its name?’ This will surely be the question on everyone’s lips, as the LBO can reveal that the recently opened Cranky Weasel will be reverting back to The Top Bell.

The Market Square pub will now have changed identity three times over 12 months, with the former Cranky Weasel holding its last weekend in February 2017, before the LBO understands the pub came under new ownership, changing again to The Top Bell.

It was finally taken over by The Craft Union Pub Company, transformed into The Cranky Weasel by Christmas.

However, on December 12, the former operators of The Cranky Weasel (which originally opened in 2015) posted what appeared to be a legal threat on their old Cranky Weasel Facebook page, claiming that the new company did not have rights to the name.

The Craft Union Pub Company did not confirm whether the change was due to any legal action, but just weeks after the Facebook allegation was made, a spokesman confirmed: “We are committed to ensuring that we retain tradition and the heritage alongside improving the quality of the community.

“As such, we had reinstated the pub’s previous name, Cranky Weasel, but due to unforeseen circumstances we have reconsidered this and the pub’s name will now revert to the Top Bell.”

The former operators of The Cranky Weasel did not wish to discuss the matter with the LBO at this stage.

Their December 12 Facebook post claimed: “We are not re-opening in the town under the premises of the old ‘Top Bell’; this is the brewery who own the building renaming it under our former name.

“We will be looking to take legal action as ‘The Cranky Weasel’ is owned by a holding company and we will not be associated with this business.

“This is the only official Facebook page for ‘The Cranky Weasel’ and we will be keeping you posted in 2018.”