Help for foodbank is no half-baked idea

Shelly Shulman
Shelly Shulman

A Leighton cake company is hoping to help provide emergency food for local people in crisis in 2015.

Cakes by Shelly, based in North Street, is swapping cake for tinned and packet goods to donate to the local food bank.

Shelly Shulman, owner of Cakes by Shelly, said: “Each week we dispose of lots of perfectly edible cake, usually the domed tops that have been cut off to make the cake level and it’s a shame to see such wastage. We did look into donating the cake directly to foodbanks and shelters but unfortunately as it is a perishable item it cannot be accepted.

“So we came up with the alternative. We announce on Facebook what cakes and flavours we have available each day and people can come along to the studio to collect some fresh cake in exchange for a small donation of tinned goods.

“They can enjoy the cake with a cup of tea or use it for trifles and cake pops, the foodbank will benefit from their donations and nothing gets wasted; it’s a win win situation!”

Shelly is making her donations to Leighton Linslade Community Food Bank via Trinity Methodist Church.

The initiative comes at a time where there has been a huge rise in the use of foodbanks.

For more information about Cakes by Shelly’s foodbank initiative visit the shop or follow them on facebook at for updates.