Howl of terror and an horrific world record bid

The Howl at Mead Open Farm
The Howl at Mead Open Farm

A pack of terrifying werewolves will descend upon LBO land for Hallowe’en, as the opening of a new scare park sees an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

Never mind the cute critters and bouncy bunnies at Mead Open Farm, because on Saturday, the team that brought you the UK’s number one scare park, Tulleys Shocktober Fest in Crawley, is opening a new attraction at the Billington’s attraction.

The Howl will have five themed areas and for the hairy launch event, punters are invited to dress up as werewolves to try and break the current Guinness World Record.

“At the moment the highest number stands at 250 in one spot, so we’re hoping we can beat it!” said Matthew Heast, 54, manager of Mead Open Farm.

“This is a joint venture between ourselves and Tulleys, as there is nothing like this in the area. They liked the fact that Mead Open Farm already had the infrastructure for such as project; we are a tourist attraction and lie close to the motorway.”

Sets have been under construction since June, and The Howl will open its creaky doors for 14 nights. Sets will be dismantled at the end of the period.

The Howl at Mead Open Farm

The Howl at Mead Open Farm

The spine tingling attractions include: The Haunted House, complete with ghostly family members, Mr Topper’s Slay Barn, where there will be some nasty clowning around, The Dark, a shadowy maze with scary surprises, and Squealers Yard, where the farm boys just might want to eat you!

Y’all can also watch out for the The Howl’s resident family, The Lycanthropes. Grandma will be around with her shotgun, while you can visit daughter Chastity’s unfortunate ex-lovers, locked away in The Shed.

“Don’t worry, the characters won’t touch you and guests cannot touch them,” said Matthew. “Although one actor popped out at me the other day – even when you know what’s going on you can get had!”

Jacqueline Berryman, from Tulley’s added: “Shocktober Fest is the most successful Hallowee’n attraction in the UK and we were looking for partners to work with to take the event to new areas of the UK.

The Howl at Mead Open Farm

The Howl at Mead Open Farm

“Mead Open Farm was selected because of its great location, the fantastic team and because it already has a superb daytime Hallowe’en event Freaky Fortnight from which The Howl is a natural expansion.”

The farm’s regular Freaky Fortnight will be on as usual during October 17– November 1 from 10am – 6pm, while The Howl will open from 6pm – 11.30pm. The Howl’s attractions are rated 12A. Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.

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