Leighton Buzzard baker’s Princess Diana cake aims to be a showstopper in London!

Shelly's Diana cake
Shelly's Diana cake

A Leighton Buzzard cake designer took on her biggest challenge to date when she decided to create a life-like tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

After 60 hours of toil, over a period of three weeks, Shelly Shulman is now ready to reveal her showpiece at the Cake and Bake Show at London’s ExCel on October 6-8.

But Leighton Buzzard folk have already been given a preview of the royal creation as it has been proudly been on display in the window of her shop – La Belle Cake Company in North Street.

At the Cake and Bake Show, Shelly’s work will be part of a display featuring some of the country’s best cake designers and experts.

She said: “This year’s theme is Best of British and you certainly don’t get any more British than the royal family.

“With it being the 20th anniversary of her untimely passing we thought creating Diana would be extremely poignant.

“I am 39. I don’t personally particularly have any early memories of Diana. For me my most poignant memory is her funeral.”

The cake itself, as it is a display piece, is made up of polystyrene as well as Rice Krispies and chocolate, with some vanilla sponge as well.

She added: “Because of her iconic status this was certainly our biggest challenge to date - taking over three weeks and 60 hours to complete. All of the pearls on her famous ‘Elvis’ dress were hand piped.”

And she revealed that the cake had won plenty of admirers already.

Shelly said: “The response so far has been fantastic. She certainly has drawn a few funny looks from the public as they have walked past and seen her in the shop window.

“I am really pleased with the finished result. I know I did set myself a real challenge doing this cake - especially with such an iconic figure as I am obviously opening my self up to criticism.”

In the past Shelly has made cakes for pop group Take That, plus TV stars from The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea. She also made a 75ft cake for London Luton Airport to celebrate its 75th birthday.