Non-stop chocolate on tap thanks to our very own ‘Willy Wonka’

The Everlasting Chocolate Tap
The Everlasting Chocolate Tap

Chocoholics rejoice... an inventor who is rivalling Willy Wonka has developed your dream machine!

Wing-based innovator Charlie Francis latest contraption is the Everlasting Chocolate Tap, which is available to hire for events.

He explained: “The tap makes perfectly tempered chocolate for you to pour, lick, gargle or gobble straight into your mouth, or if you prefer, elegantly smear all over your face.

“Eat as much as you like because this tap just keeps on flowing. And we don’t know how to turn it off!”

Charlie, who was a back catalogue of amazingly wacky inventions, made an appearance on Japanese TV recently, where he was shown demonstrating his Edible Mist Machine.

The orb creates an inhalable micro mist which you suck up through a straw to get a flavour hit.

Charlie Francis on Japanese TV

Charlie Francis on Japanese TV

Charlie first featured on this website in 2014 after he created a machine which can levitate cocktails.

Charlie’s company Lick Me I’m Delicious, based at the Acorn Business Centre, off Cublington Road, is also home of the Nitro Ice Cream Buggy, Ice Cream Pottery Gramophone Wheel, Instant Lollipop Maker, Soup Washing Machine and birthplace of the world’s first glow in the dark ice cream which glows as you lick it.

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