Permanent solution being worked on for Linslade pothole puzzle with autumn fix likely

The pothole on the canal bridge, Linslade
The pothole on the canal bridge, Linslade

A scheme to a provide a long-term solution to a pothole puzzle in Linslade is currently being designed by Central Beds Council ready to be implemented this autumn.

The road surface of the canal bridge in Leighton Road was patched up again last week with a temporary repair, only for the filling material to begin working loose within 24 hours.

A Central Beds Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the issue at Canal Bridge, Leighton Buzzard and our Highways team are actively working on a scheme to resurface and repair it.

“The project, which is currently being designed by our structural engineers, will increase the depth of the road surface as well as waterproofing the bridge’s surface.

“We expect the work to be completed during the autumn. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to relieve difficulties, including repairing the pothole on the bridge which was both reported to us and repaired last week.

“It is really helpful to us when residents assist us by reporting issues or concerns so that we can address these in a timely manner. These can be reported via our website:

Town and CBC councillor Amanda Dodwell stated on social media on Friday: “Unfortunately, until a permanent repair is undertaken then it will be a case of frequent repairs. The council will work with residents and businesses to minimise any inconvenience caused by the permanent fix. I can only apologise for the nuisance this pothole is causing residents.”

She later added: “Highways have been out to inspect the site this afternoon and it has been decided to put a lane deflection in place (traffic will still be two way.) Water has got between the metal deck and the waterproof membrane causing the asphalt to be pushed out. Highways will be investigating the problem further with their Structural Engineer next week.”

When we last reported on the problem in February 2017, town councillor Mark Freeman said CBC must have spent a fortune patching up the bridge surface over the years.

He said: “This problem has been recurring ever since the major rebuild on the bridge seven years ago. It seems to spend more time with a pothole than without!

“The location of the pothole, just over the crossing and where traffic is deciding which lane to be in, is a danger as it is very difficult to avoid. Cyclists trying to ride around it are putting themselves in a hazardous position with other vehicles.

“Goodness knows what damage it has done to cars bumping through it. This is a major route as it is the only road in the town linking Leighton with Linslade and the station.

“Over the years, the Highway Authority must have spent a fortune repairing this hole. It would have been better to reconstruct rather than just patch. I would have expected that in seven years someone could have found a way of effecting a permanent repair. With the fault first appearing so soon after the major works, surely the original contractor should carry some responsibility for sorting it out?”