Potholes ‘not deep enough’ in Leighton Buzzard’s Grovebury Road for immediate council attention

Grovebury Road potholes
Grovebury Road potholes

Despite Leighton Buzzard residents claiming that the “notorious” Grovebury Road potholes are a hazard, Central Bedfordshire Council has announced that they are not deep enough for immediate attention.

Drivers and cyclists have been complaining about the potholes for months, estimating that the cavities have been in the road surface since January.

Potholes on Grovebury Road

Potholes on Grovebury Road

Increasing numbers of residents have taken to social media to vent their frustrations, with allegations that the potholes pose a threat and have damaged vehicles.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told the LBO: “It’s a nightmare. If you come out of the industrial estate head towards Chartmoor Road roundabout, the cars are shaking so badly.

“I’ve reported it but nothing seems to be done. The potholes are pretty big; I got new tyres in November but the front two have been absolutely destroyed. It cost £147!

“The garage asked me whether I drove over potholes - I drive down that road most days when I go to work.

“It’s very, very scary. Lorries tend to slow down but if you’re not used to the area the holes can do some real damage. A lot of us were saying how dangerous it is for cars, especially in the winter. Why is nothing being done?”

However, in response to these allegations, a Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “The council is aware of the potholes in Grovebury Road. Our staff monitor the roads every day.

“The potholes on this road are not currently considered deep enough to require immediate attention, in accordance with our assessment criteria.

“However, Grovebury Road is scheduled to have the Jetpatcher repair any surface course defects during the next 6-8-week programme.”

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