UPDATE: Protest meeting at plans to turn cul-de-sac into access for new estate

Grovebury Road development
Grovebury Road development

Angry residents are hosting a protest meeting tonight against plans to turn their cul-de-sac into an access route for a new estate of 165 homes.

Vesta Grove has been tipped as the access point for Taylor Wimpey’s new estate on land off Grovebury Road.

The proposed site is on a plot of land just north of the quiet street.

Vesta Grove resident Alex Geary says homeowners on the street were previously “categorically” assured it would remain a dead end.

He said: “I think it’s completely unsuitable and personally I’m not bothered about the construction. We all know that there’s a bit of land there, it was going to be built on at some point.

“What bothers me is this access route.”

Mr Geary says that residents found out about the proposed access route at a public consultation on the proposed estate held at Astral Park community centre last Wednesday.

He added: “The kids all play out and it will just become a horrendous thoroughfare.”

Fellow resident Matthew Wood said: “The road is a street road, it is only 18ft wide and with a car parked on the road will mean cars are unable to pass side by side.”

UPDATE - This meeting is now being held at Sandhills Community House at 7.30pm today.