Can ancient art help deal with modern-day stress?

Participants at a Qigong workshop PNL-150925-122036001
Participants at a Qigong workshop PNL-150925-122036001

There’s a chance to learn whether an ancient Chinese practice could help reduce stress levels and bring your body into balance, at a special workshop on October 11.

The full-day Qigong workshop is being run at the Mentmore Park Pavilion by Suffolk-based Zhineng Qigong teacher John Millar, of the Three Monkeys School of Qigong, after he was contacted by a Leighton Buzzard resident who could not find a teacher in this area.

John said: “If you’ve not come across the practice Qigong before, it’s a bit like Tai Chi but has a stronger emphasis on health and is considered to be one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine.

“I suggested that a workshop titled Bringing the Mind Home – An Introduction to Qigong for Healing would be a good way to start a local practice group and might lead to a growing community of Qigong practitioners in the town.”

The morning session will focus on how to use simple Qigong forms to reduce stress levels and bring the body back into the state of balance that supports self-healing. The afternoon will explore Level 1 practice, known as Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down. The workshop is suitable for anyone over 18 and all levels of fitness. Prices are £35 for the morning, £15 for the afternoon or £45 for the full day. For full details, see

To reserve a place, email or call John on 07909 51383.