Can Linslade sports fan fly to Washington D.C. with the ‘power’ of Twitter?

Andy Burrows with Redskins cheerleaders at Wembley
Andy Burrows with Redskins cheerleaders at Wembley

An ambitious American football fan is determined to blag a free flight to Washington D.C. with the ‘power’ of social media.

Andy Burrows, 36, of Fyne Drive, Linslade, is hoping his Twitter campaign #uk2dc will see generous companies transport him and his friend Nigel Griggs, 39, see their favourite team, the Washington Redskins, play Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers.

Nigel Griggs with Redskins cheerleaders at Wembley

Nigel Griggs with Redskins cheerleaders at Wembley

The match takes place on Sunday, November 20, in FedexField stadium, the home ground of the Redskins, and the diehard fans have just one week to find a person or company willing to fly them or fund their tickets.

Andy said: “It all started as a bit of a joke when I had ten minutes to spare at work! We’d heard about two Americans who had made it to Europe for a match, thanks to an airline company who had seen their Twitter plea for a free flight . So we thought, ‘why don’t we have a go’ ?

“I posted our request on Twitter 24 hours ago and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. We’ve had offers from TV companies who want to film us if we make it!”

Andy first fell in love with the team in 1998 when working in Washington D.C. at a children’s summer camp, as the family he was staying with were huge Redskins fans.

He met Nigel, who lives in Essex, around three years ago thanks to a Redskins fan group on Twitter, #RedskinsTweetTeam, and the two of them met up for a pint to watch the Redskins play in Wembley Stadium.

The pair regularly go to matches together along with the fan group, who travel from all around the world to see the team play.

In response to asking why the pair don’t just buy their own flight tickets, Andy said: “People blag stuff for free all the time - we’re just two mates having a laugh, trying to prove that social media can take you anywhere!”

Andy lives with his wife, Lisa, 45, and has taught his daughter Lois, 4, the team’s chant “hail to the Redskins!”

Andy said: “My wife thinks I’m mad and that there’s no way I’ll do it. Nigel and I are looking to fly out next Friday afternoon or Saturday morning - I’m not giving up until then!”

Andy’s Twitter page is: