Canal plunge gran’s praise for strangers

Grand Union Canal
Grand Union Canal

A gran was left touched by the kindness of strangers in Leighton Buzzard after falling into the Gran Union Canal last month.

Pauline Howe, 73, was out with her seven-year-old granddaughter feeding ducks at the canal on Saturday, January 22.

But an unfortunate slip sent Mrs Howe plunging head first into the water.

She said: “I don’t know what caused it, but I fell and I knew it was going to happen. I just went head first into the water.

“Self preservation tells you what to do and I can remember my granddaughter crying out ‘Nanny’.”

Luckily, some rowers nearby came to Mrs Howe’s assistance and guided her as she pulled herself out of the canal.

She said: “A great thank you to them! Also some folk on the canal side and a young couple who kindly took me to Tesco.”

After Mrs Howe arrived dripping with water at the Tesco store on Vimy Road, staff immediately took charge.

Mrs Howe added: “I was taken into a room, helped to undress and dry myself and given clean clothes to put on and a taxi to take me home.

“The staff in Tesco who showed me such care and kindness

“They gave my granddaughter and myself a welcome cup of tea and a bunch of flowers.

“A big thank you to everyone concerned!”