Caught in a flap over posties’ refusal to deliver to Leighton Buzzard house!

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A Leighton Buzzard man is in a wrangle with Royal Mail after they stopped delivering mail through his catflap.

Peter Ugur doesn’t have a letterbox and for the past 27 years has relied on mail being posted through the catflap of his home.

Mr Ugur, of Almond Road, said: “It’s never been a problem for 27 years, I’ve always had the mail pushed through my catflap.

“It turns out it’s even the same postman who’s been delivering to me all of these years.”

But problems arose around two months ago, when the catflap became damaged and was temporarily out of use.

Mr Ugur said: “For two days, they left mail outside my door and I complained.

“I had the catflap fixed and then it stopped coming altogether. After a while, I got in touch with the post office to find out what was going on.

“They used this excuse, ‘you haven’t got a letterbox, so we can’t deliver’ – but no-one told me beforehand!

“The thing that got me was that I’d feel very sorry for someone who was elderly and suddenly stopped receiving their mail without any notification.”

Mr Ugur, who works as a courier himself, has been left unimpressed with the Royal Mail’s response. He said: “I will go out of my way when I’m delivering to people and I’ll speak to neighbours if I have to.

“I’d have lost the whole Christmas mail if I hadn’t rang up. It’s the hierarchy that have got hold of this and said, ‘Oh, we’re not doing that’ whereas the postmen were quite happy to deliver before.”

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “We have spoken to Mr Ugur and he is in the process of having a mailbox fitted on the wall so we can deliver his mail safely and securely. In the meantime, we have arranged for him to collect his mail from our office.”