Celebrations at market for 10 years as a Fairtrade Town

Leighton Linslade Fairtrade 10th anniversary
Leighton Linslade Fairtrade 10th anniversary

Members of the Leighton Linslade Fairtrade have been enjoying the organisation’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

A market stall was held as part of the event to mark 10 years as a Fairtrade Town.

The stall displayed a selection of photos taken at various events over the past 10 years and also a scrap book collated over the years.

MP Andrew Selous MP visited the stall and said: “Congratulations on your continuing success and your involvement in the community, very well done.” He cut a delicious cake supplied by The La Belle Cake Company and tastings were offered to visitors throughout the day.

The local market stalls were decorated with lots of handmade Fairtrade bunting. Birthday cards, supported by Print Plus, were given to the market traders and had been sent to all local councillors.

A couple of guessing games caused great interest - guess the number of coffee beans in the cafetiere. The correct number was 1,453 and and the numbe of jelly beans in the bar was 227.

Pride of place was the winning design for a poster from Vandyke Year 10 students -Riona Redmond, Sarah Aldous, Daniel Scott, Ethan Doyle and Hannah Dimmock.

This stunning poster will be enlarged and put onto a metal sheet for display in the

town’s multi storey car park.

The Town Crier made sure shoppers were aware of what was happening and local musicians Edmund Flach, Richard Leveller

Chatterley, his son, and Steve Jones played a selection of songs on guitar and ukulele.

Sally Reith, spokesperson for the steering group said: “As we draw to an end of these year-long celebrations I would say thank you the local community for their continued support. Looking to the future we hope to get more local schools, youth groups and business involved in Fairtrade. We would be delighted to hear from you through our website www.faitradell.co.uk our Facebook page Leighton Linslade Fairtrade.

Visit the Oxfam shop between 10am and noon on Saturday, October 10 when they will be celebrating Chocolate Week with tastings of Divine Fairtrade Chocolate.