Center Parcs Woburn faces trial over safety claims


Center Parcs Woburn is to go on trial later this year accused of a string of health and safety regulatory breaches.

Following a preliminary hearing at Luton Crown Court last week, a two week trial has been scheduled for September this year.

Centre Parcs have pleaded not guilty to the 11 counts against them, which are being prosecuted by Central Bedfordshire Council.

The counts are as follows:

1. Failing to have a risk assessment and systems in place for employees working at pumping stations. This includes working at heights, prevention of electric shocks, and rescue equipment for those at risk of falling into a pumping station chamber.

2. Failing to ensure the maintenance of pumping stations.

3. Failing to have adequate statutory safety assessments in place.

4. Failing to adhere to the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

5. Failing to prevent risk of an employee falling a distance liable to cause injury.

6. Failing to prevent risk of employee falling into water, minimise risk of drowning, and keep rescue equipment.

7. Failing to take suitable precautions to earth a conductor.

8. Failing to carry out work near an electrical system in such a manner as not to give rise to danger.

9. Failing to ensure visitors were not at risk of falling from a tree during tree climbing activity.

10. Failing to carry out a sufficient safety assessment for tree climbing activity.

11. Failing to have protective measures in place for tree climbing activity.