Centre is in need of volunteer therapists

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by Sue Palmer from the Volunteer Centre at Bossard House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard...

It’s bitterly cold outside and the Christmas break gives most of us a welcome chance to stay indoors and unwind, relaxing our aching muscles and tired feet for a day or two.

Thankfully, (if you disregard the consequence of any seasonal excesses) a couple of days is usually enough to have us feeling fighting fit again and ready to embrace the New Year. But for those with chronic or life-threatening physical illness, the cold and damp weather can really exacerbate muscle pain and other symptoms, which can’t be eased with a two-day ‘footstool and hot-chocolate’ break.

However, help is on hand no matter what the season, in the form of Leighton Buzzard’s Centre for Health, Healing and Counselling. The centre offers weekly therapy and relaxation for those with chronic or terminal physical conditions, including aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology, all in a safe, friendly environment. Held at the Sacred Heart Church in Beaudesert every Thursday during term-time, the day includes lunch, quizzes, chat, and optional healing sessions for those who would find a spiritual aspect helpful, but is open to all regardless of faith.

The centre is run completely by volunteers, and to continue to provide this highly valued service, more qualified volunteer therapists are urgently needed. Whether you are a trained counsellor or have a qualification in an alternative therapy, and whether you can spare a day a month or an hour a week, the group would love to hear from you for an informal chat about how you might give a little of your time to help.

Give the Volunteer Centre, Central Bedfordshire a call if you are interested in finding out more and we can put you in touch with the centre’s organisers.

For more advice and guidance on all aspect of volunteering call01525 850559, weekdays 9.30am to 3pm.