Check you are using the 
right bins


Make sure you’re recycling the right things and that it’s clean and free of contamination otherwise it could end up going to landfill.

That’s the message to Central Bedfordshire residents as the council launches an awareness campaign to make sure the wrong items don’t go into recycling bins.

Waste collection teams will be putting information stickers on all home recycling bins, while posters will go up in council-owned buildings, flats and their respective communal bin areas.

The message will also be going out via its website and on social media as the council continues to tackle the ongoing problem of some residents mistakenly placing the wrong items in their recycling bin.

Councillor Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services, said: “Most residents make an effort to recycle but unfortunately some people are mistakenly putting the wrong items – such as food, textiles, electrical equipment, glass and used nappies – in their recycling bin. This causes problems at the recycling facility, as these items aren’t easy to remove and things like food remains can ruin perfectly good recyclable items. This ultimately costs the Council money.

“That is why we are launching a recycling campaign to remind residents what items can and can’t be included in their recycling bin. The message is “If in doubt, leave it out”. I would encourage everyone to get involved and ensure they are recycling the right things.”

For more information on what items are accepted in your home recycling bin, visit