‘Check your Sat Navs!’ advises Stewkley mum after splash park confusion

Splash park
Splash park

When the sun’s out two things are guaranteed in LBO land...

1) Families will flock to Leighton’s splash park.

Parsons Close, Stewkley. Credit: Kate Towse

Parsons Close, Stewkley. Credit: Kate Towse

2) Parsons Close, Stewkley, will receive an influx of frustrated families.

A helpful mum-of-two wants to remind parents to check their Sat Navs before heading to Leighton’s splash park, as “hot and bothered” families have accidentally been driving to Parsons Close, Stewkley instead.

Kate Towse, 40, has been pointing mums and dads in the right direction, as on hot days cars arrive in her Stewkley street expecting to find the water park, its actual location being Parsons Close, Leighton Buzzard.

Kate said: “It happened in 2016, too, and last summer we saw up to 12 cars arrive in one day!

“There may have been more, though, as we’re not in all the time.

“My daughter, Constance, six, has been finding it funny, and keeps saying ‘look here’s another one, here’s another one!’

“We’re usually in the garden and can help point people in the right direction.

“I don’t know whether it’s happening because in Stewkley we have a Leighton Buzzard postcode, but I just want to let people know so they double check their Sat Navs.

“It doesn’t cause me any bother - I just feel a bit sorry for the families! I’ve seen three today, and they all looked a bit bewildered.”

The LBO agreed that if cars keep coming down, Kate may have to fill up the family paddling pool, bring out the ice-creams and start charging!

Kate lives with her husband, Alex, 36, daughter Constance, six, and son, Edward, three. They hope to visit the Leighton Buzzard splash park soon and enjoyed playing there last year.