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Liz Strangways, a local foot health practitioner ( gave a very interesting talk on feet to Leighton Buzzard Riverside WI entitled Do We Really Know Our Feet?

Facts about feet were discussed, for example

the complexity of our feet

the bones and sweat glands

the need to keep mobile and active, as an average person can walk 115,000 miles in a lifetime!

you can’t tell anything about a man from the size of his feet!

the recommendation to buy shoes in the afternoon.

We heard about a corn, a verruca and a callus, and how reflexology can be a relaxing experience, although not an alternative to medical advice.

We concluded that our feet are important; they affect our lifestyle. They mirror our general health. We should look after them. They do a tough job! We should try to maintain mobility by taking care of our feet. Examine them regularly – get to know them!

The next meeting is on Thursday, February 5 when Chris Ward is speaking on 101 things you didn’t know about garden birds.

Visitors welcome to hear Chris and see his amazing photos. 7.30pm at Leighton Buzzard Day Centre, Duncombe Drive.