Company helps to replace dog food

A campaign set up to replace dog food stolen from a blind man’s doorstep in Linslade has raised over £80 for charity.

Pierce & Co, the residential sales and letting agent, based in Wing, saw a post about the incident on Streetlife, a social network for local communities.

Chris Croft with his guide dog Murdoch

Chris Croft with his guide dog Murdoch

Chris Croft, of Wing Road, lives with his partner and two children, his guide dog, Murdoch, is a Labrador/Retriever cross.

Mr Croft was out when two boxes of dog food, worth just under £100, were delivered to his house, when he returned home they were gone.

Harry Adam, his neighbour, posted on Streetlife about the incident.

He said: “The food consisted of two 20kg boxes of dog food, so not exactly easy to pick up.



“The food has been replaced by the Guide Dog Association for the blind, at their expense and a collection has been initiated by Mark Reynolds to refund the Association.”

Mark Reynolds, of Pierce & Co, contacted Harry about setting up a donation page to help replace the food.

He said: “I do a lot of fundraising for various causes, most of which are established and some are national. This is a little more local to home and I thought it was a terrible thing to do against a vulnerable person.

“My company will be running a fund raising effort for a nominated charity each month as a result of this campaign.

“Guide Dogs UK, formally known as the Guide Dog For The Blind Association, have replaced the food, so any money we raise will go the charity.”

The incident was reported to the police and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, who supply the food.