Compromise reached for Soulbury stone at ‘positive’ meeting

The Soulbury stone
The Soulbury stone

A compromise was reached on the future of the Soulbury stone as parish councillors met with representatives from Transport for Bucks last Wednesday.

At the meeting, it was decided that road safety improvements would take place in two phases. The first phase will be funded by Bucks Country Council and the second phase by Soulbury Parish Council.

Phase one will see chevrons put round the rock, with improved signs and road markings. The junction near the stone at the top of Chapel Hill will be turned into a T junction with suitable road markings.

The second phase will see the parish council extend the pavement around the rock to form an island, with appropriate landscaping.

Chairman of Soulbury Parish Council, Cllr Victor Wright said: “I think the outcome is as good as we could have expected.

“I would have liked that phase two of the scheme be paid by Bucks County Council as it’s a historic site, but I guess there’s a shortage in the coffers.”

Cllr Wright added that the parish council would try to use Section 106 money paid by developers for recent housing projects to help fund phase two of the improvements.

The Soulbury stone has stood in its location since the last Ice Age but its future was thrown into doubt after a motorist crashed into it and threatened to sue Bucks Country Council (BCC).

After an outcry from the village, the story was reported on by the LBO and splashed in many of the nationals.

BCC later confirmed the stone would stay where it is.