Council decides CCTV not needed in alley behind Morrisons

Alley way behind Morrisons
Alley way behind Morrisons

A resident who set up the petition for CCTV to be installed behind Morrisons has been left frustrated by the council’s decision to not install the cameras.

James Braxton, of Steppingstone Place, set up the petition because he felt CCTV cameras were needed in the alley behind Morrisons to deter anti-social behaviour, the petition gained 325 signatures.

It was presented by councillor Amanda Dodwell on behalf of the residents to Central Bedfordshire Council at the executive committee at the beginning of the month.

Councillor Brian Spurr, executive member for the community services, stated that the alleyway is on Morrisons’ and not council land.

He added that Morrisons have cleared the trees in the area and since then, the local community police team has not received reports of any further instances of anti-social behaviour there. A site survey by council staff has revealed that no further action is currently needed.

Mr Braxton said: “I am glad that the executive committee listened to our concerns and took them seriously.

“Ultimately I have to be disappointed with the outcome as we still believe that CCTV is the best deterrent and the only proper way of monitoring crime in this area.

“However, I am happy to hear that Morrisons have committed to removing the remaining trees and hope that they can keep an open dialogue with both police and the local council.

“We are proud that the petition has raised awareness and would urge anyone that may witness any future crime to contact the police.”