Creating a Big Buzz about music

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Guitarist Will Ludford 76kQ0WMaba6CfspD6qbV

In 1967 rock guitarist Will Ludford took a bus journey from Leighton Buzzard to jam with Jimmy Hendrix at a rock bar in London.

Fast forward to 2014 and he’s back in town, having lived a life most rock and rollers only dream of – playing with rockstars all over the world.

But he’s determined to give something back to Leighton and has founded a new record label – Big Buzzard Records.

Will, 66, said: “I started in Leighton Buzzard in the Black Horse playing gigs where I got local support, so what I really wanted to do was to offer a platform for local musicians.

“The way forward for every band now is self promotion. Bands aren’t slow, they’ve got their stuff on YouTube – but what they don’t know about is the business side.”

While encouraging people to follow their dreams, Will also wants them to be realistic.

He said: “If I sat down with anybody and they said they wanted to get to number one, I’d say ‘you need about £500,000’.

“You need to buy your way into the charts.

“There have been plenty of people at the top of the charts with no money.

“Why would you spend even £50,000 when you’re not going to get any of that back.”

If Big Buzzard can promise its aspiring musicans one thing – it’s that they’ll part of a record label that already has a rich musical heritage.

A regular at the Beatles Savile Row headquarters in the 1960s, Will has worked with all of his rocking idols.

He said: “You used to see guitarists on stage, head down, completely out of it – cut off from everybody.

“Jimmy would come on stage with an untuned guitar – who’d ever heard of that? And he’d show you just what you could do with music.”

The first record to be produced on the label, will be Happy New Year - a single Will himself recorded for release on January 1.

To find out more about Big Buzzard Records, email