Creating Video Heaven

Bletchley artist Lhouette in front of one of his pop art creations
Bletchley artist Lhouette in front of one of his pop art creations

Eaton Bray pop artist Lhouette – real name Ciaran Robinson – is preparing for his most ambitious project to date.

It’s at Surrey’s biggest contemporary gallery – the Wyecliffe in Weybridge – and he’s currently putting the finishing touches to the largest piece he’s ever created.

“It’s 10ft by 20ft,” he explained. “It’s one of 50 I’ve done for the show, which is entitled Video Heaven.”
Ciaran, 30, whose work has been showcased in the Houses of Parliament, cheerfully admits he’s never had a lesson and is self taught.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist but it didn’t seem a viable option,” he said. He joined the Royal Navy so he could “see the world and get inspiration from other cultures.”
When he came back, he decided to release his inner Andy Warhol and he’s never looked back.

In 2014 the Fine Arts Trade Guild billed him as the year’s Best Up and Coming Artist and an American collector recently snapped up two of his big show pieces for a gallery in San Francisco.

He’d also like to visit Japan to explore manga art – “a big, bright genre.”

Last year Ciaran had a number of sell-out shows and his latest venture is an exclusive collection of contemporary silk screenings which can be seen at various galleries across the country from Friday.

> The pseudonym Lhouette is a contraction of the silhouette style Ciaran employed when he started his career and wanted to remain anonymous.