Action demanded after spate of stabbed car tyres

The car tyre was stabbed
The car tyre was stabbed

An angry resident believes the police should do more to stop vandals stabbing car tyres, following a spate of attacks in Leighton Buzzard.

Tabatha Smith, of Victoria Terrace, first noticed the damage to her car a couple of months ago when she found her wing mirror broken off.

Since then her partner’s van has been broken into and tyres on their cars have been stabbed.

She said: “It is frustrating and the fact that the police say they can not do anything makes it worse, these people are getting away with it.

“Last Friday my partner’s car tyre was stabbed, we reported it to the police and had to replace it.

“Then on Monday morning when he was going to work, he descovered another tyre had been stabbed, we cannot afford to replace it again, each tyre costs us £50.

“Fortunately he travels to work in the van so he was still able to go but we will still have to replace the tyre.

“People should not be allowed to go around and vandalise other people’s property and get away with it.”

The couple park their vehicles on Danes Way and there have also been reports of car tyres being damaged on Meadows Way.

Miss Smith told the LBO: “These are not isolated incidents, I heard about quite a few cars bring vandalised in the town. My neighbours have had their tyres done as well and I saw on Facebook about a woman who had all four tyres slashed on her car.

“People have been commenting from different places across the town, something needs to be done about this.”

The crimes have been reported to Bedfordshire Police. A spokesman said: “We work hard to reduce this anti-social behaviour in our towns and clampdown on such activity.

“Criminal damage to vehicles in Leighton Buzzard has fallen this month, following a spike in July, and is currently at levels below the year average.”

Community policing sergeant Linda Wilson added: “All reports of this unacceptable anti-social behaviour are taken seriously and we are aware the impact this mindless damage caused to vehicles has on our communities.

“Nobody should suffer the financial consequences, as well as the inconvenience caused, and we are committed to finding those responsible.

“Officers are made aware of patterns of such behaviour and will monitor this activity and repeat victims will be visited by the local policing team.”

> If you have any information about acts of criminal damage, call 101.