Assaulted motorist left with fractured eye socket

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A motorist was left with a fractured right eye socket following an assault by four men following a road traffic collision.

Beds Police are looking for the quartet of attackers after the incident on the A505 Leighton Buzzard bypass near the A5 junction between 4.15pm and 4.30pm on Tuesday, October 7.

Two blue Vauxhall Corsas were driving west to east along the A505 bypass when one overtook the other and cut back in front of it quickly causing the second driver to break sharply.

When the cars approached the next roundabout by McDonalds the suspect’s car was in the left hand lane, appearing to be turning left towards Leighton Buzzard.

The victim’s car was in the right hand lane to continue straight across the junction.

When they pulled off the suspect’s car continued straight ahead and swiped the victim’s car from the side.

The Corsas then began to overtake each other and when the suspect’s car was in front of the victim’s at the next roundabout, the junction with the A5, it stopped in front of the victim.

Two men got out of the suspect’s car and after an argument between them and the victim (the driver of the second Corsa), one man (the passenger in the first car), attacked the victim, striking him several times to the front and back of the head.

The driver of the suspect car also began to hit the victim.

Another vehicle then appeared from the right hand lane and two more men got out and also attacked the victim. Before all suspects made off.

As well as the fractured right eye socket, the victim with bruising to the body.

Anyone with information relating to the incident can contact Simon Day in confidence, at Bedfordshire Police on 101, or text information to 07786 200011.

Alternatively you can contact the independent crime fighting charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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