Bistro to finally re-open after Santander ramraid blow

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An up-and-coming bistro which suffered major damage during February’s ramraid at Santander in Leighton Buzzard is due to re-open on Monday (May 9) .

Oliver Hare & Co has been closed for almost three months in the aftermath of the February 14 unsuccessful raid on the Hockliffe Street bank.

Oliver Hare & Co

Oliver Hare & Co

Extensive repairs had to be carried out to the restaurant after a digger truck was backed into the 17th century grade II listed building during the attack.

Oliver Hare & Co first opened in December 2014, and was building up a good customer base and say the enforced closure was a huge body blow to the business.

Owner Stephen Oliver said: “We had just hit our stride as a far as the business was concerned and had been looking forward to January, February and March being quite lucrative for us.

“January was looking good and then February, but then this happened and took the wind out of us.

“The truck caused a substantial hole the size of a door.

“The bricks came into the floor of the restaurant and pushed out radiator pipes.

“It’s a listed building so we had to comply with the requirements of that when we made the repairs.

“It has been a difficult period for us, and we aim to come back stronger and better than before whilst building on all the previous success.”

He said his team were aiming for a busy spring and summer trade to make up for the lost business, and were looking forward to the chance to show off their culinary skills with a new menu.

Whilst closed for repairs, owners and staff have taken the opportunity of sprucing up building too.