Don’t play ball with scam ‘Fifa’ lottery


A former Leighton Buzzard policeman is warning fellow residents not to fall for a scam lottery letter.

Allan Clelland, who was stationed at Leighton Buzzard Police Station from December 1975 until 1992, received a letter purporting to be from the International Fifa World Cup Online Lottery.

The letter, signed by vice president Rose Murray, said Allan had just been approved a £900,000 payout after he was selected through a computer ballot drawn from more than 3 million people worldwide.

It stated: “This information must be kept away from the public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorised person(s).”

Allan said: “I wanted to warn other people not to fall for this.”

Previously, a woman in Southampton received a similar letter which claimed she had won £800,000.

The woman had never entered any lottery – but was told she had automatically been entered because she shopped at well known high street supermarkets.

But over the course of a couple of weeks, after handing over her bank account details where her winnings could be placed, she was plagued with phone calls and ended up handing over £47,320 before finally realising she had been scammed.

The woman...

Initially handed over £320 as a processing fee.

Was then told she’d actually won almost double - £1.5m.

Parted with £1,000 because the admin fees to transfer her money had gone up.

On the same day paid a further £2,000 because of “problems”.

Received a laminated certificate in the post declaring her a winner.

Twice handed over lump sums of £1,640 to help retrieve her winnings.

Paid a further £3,500 for “clearing” and then another £3,900 after a phone call asking her for more.

Then paid in £13,500 after being told there was problems transferring money from abroad.

Was told the money would be in her account the following day but was asked for a final payment of £10,000 which she made.

Was asked to pay a “release fee” of £9,820 to access her winnings.