End of the road for drivers due to Special mission


An operation in Leighton Buzzard led by Bedfordshire’s Special Constabulary turned out to be the end of the road for three motorists.

Their cars were stopped, seized and loaded on to a recovery truck when officers uncovered motoring offences including driving with no insurance.

The offences were identified with the help of sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Recognition Equipment (ANPR) and the offending vehicles were towed off bearing bright yellow stickers that read: “No insurance means no car!”

The initiative, called Operation Himalia, took place in Leighton on Monday, April 20, and was part of the force’s wider efforts to gather intelligence and identify those who may be involved in more serious offending too.

The force says the aim is to make the county’s roads a ‘no-go’ area for criminals.

Those motorists who committed more minor traffic offences were given advice by the six Specials, who were praised for their proactive work by some drivers.

The Special Constabulary is the UK’s volunteer police force, made up of volunteer members of the public who wear uniform on duty and have full police powers.

Insp Jim Hitch, who oversaw the operation, said: “This operation was resourced entirely by Special Constables, and I’m really grateful to them for giving up their time to protect people and fight crime.

“This was a successful operation and we had some really positive feedback from members of the public. It also gave us an opportunity to gain vital intelligence regarding a variety of local issues ranging from drugs supply to motoring offences.”

The force will continue to hold similar operations across the county throughout the year.

Bedfordshire Police currently has almost 240 Specials, but has ambitious plans to more than double that number by Spring 2017. Special Constables need to be over 18 and prepared to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month – although many enjoy it so much they do more.

To find out more about the Special Constabulary, visit www.bedfordshire.police.uk