Ex-soldier jailed for another rape

Carl Murdoch
Carl Murdoch

A former soldier from Eaton Bray has been jailed for nine years after being convicted of rape for the second time.

Carl Murdoch, pictured, left his latest victim with serious psychological trauma after pulling her into an alleyway and raping her as they walked from a karaoke night at a pub to a taxi rank.

He was seen with her on CCTV before and after the attack in which he took her into the alley off Boutport Street, Barnstaple, for six minutes.

The woman told Exeter Crown Court she had cried out in pain and repeatedly told him to stop during the attack, which has changed her life and robbed her of her ability to trust other people.

She said Murdoch changed into a wild animal in the alleyway and was making growling noises as he attacked her.

Murdoch, aged 36, is a former soldier who was based at Chivenor, North Devon, before he was jailed for seven years for rape for the first time in 2004. He ended his sentence, married, and appeared to have settled down to family life until the night in January last year when he attacked his latest victim.

She had met him only once before and had been drinking with him and two of her friends in the Pannier pub and at a karaoke night at the Olive Branch pub.

CCTV showed them stopping and apparently kissing before they disappeared into the alley. They then walked to a taxi and went home. The woman’s mother called the police after finding her sobbing uncontrollably, rocking backwards and forwards and repeating the words “I said no”.

Murdoch, formerly of Barnstaple, but now of Old School Lane, Eaton Bray, denied rape but was convicted by a jury who were not told of his previous conviction.

He was jailed for nine years with a six year extended licence after Recorder Mr Philip Mott, QC, who told him he posed a danger to vulnerable women who may be under the influence of alcohol.

He said: “You were both affected by alcohol that night but were responsible for your actions. You may have stopped in a doorway but at the most she agreed to mere kissing. You treated her friendliness as an invitation to have sex.

“You used force and it must have been apparent from her reaction that she did not consent. This was an unlawful invasion of her body.

Charles Thomas, prosecuting, said Murdoch’s previous conviction dated from 2004 and was for the indecent assault and rape of a 15-year-old girl who was drunk after a party. Murdoch denied rape and claimed the woman had not only consented but initiated sex by pulling him into the alley and gyrating backwards into him.