Extra patrols to combat burglary spike


Police have stepped up their patrols in Leighton Buzzard following a spike in burglaries from garages overnight on Sunday/Monday (February 1-2).

There were eight burglaries in Knaves Hill, The Gables and Clarence Road with burglars forcing their way into locked garages.

On Monday, the Local Policing team completed a mini Operation Vision, visiting approximately 50 houses to raise awareness of the offences and give householders crime prevention advice.

Yesterday evening, additional patrols were carried out in the area working with Leighton Buzzard Special Constables to deter further burglaries.

Sgt Andy Rivers said: “We identified this spike in this kind of burglary and have been out giving advice to people in the affected areas so they can protect their garages.

“We stepped up patrols in these areas last night to deter further burglaries and to detect any suspicious activity.”

People should consider the following advice to help protect their garages.

> Wherever possible do not store valuable items in sheds.

>Always lock your shed and garage and fit a strong, good quality padlock.

> Install a shed alarm.

> Shackle large items such as bicycles and lawn mowers together and, if possible secure to a permanent fixture such as a cemented metal post. This will make it difficult for thieves to remove.

> Ladders and spades should also be attached to a secure fixture. These items are often used by thieves to gain access to properties.

> Visibly mark all removable items such as power tools, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and garden furniture with your postcode and house number. Alternatively use an ultra violet marker or property marking system such as SmartWater (www.Smartwater.co.uk).

> Make a note of make/model/serial number of tools and bicycles.