Former Leighton Buzzard cop accused of sex assaults on teenager

Martin will appear at Luton Crown Court on December 4
Martin will appear at Luton Crown Court on December 4

A former police officer subjected a child to a series of sexual assaults, a court heard yesterday.

Steven Saxon, 57, who now lives in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, is said to have made the young teenage girl feel like ‘a slave’ after allegedly assaulting her seven times in Leighton Buzzard between July 2010 and July 2012.

Mr Saxon, who is a former police officer based at Leighton Buzzard Police Station, denies the charges.

During the trial which started at Luton Crown Court yesterday it was heard that on separate occasions Mr Saxon groped the girl.

The court heard that during the last alleged incident on July 25, 2012, Mr Saxon waited until the girl’s mother left the room before reaching forward to put his hands inside the girl’s top and bra,

The alleged incident was said to have lasted more than a minute.

Laura Blackband, prosecuting, told the hearing that after two years of sporadic assaults ‘something snapped’ and the girl told her mother.

Miss Blackband said: “She (the mother) called Mr Saxon and she said he sounded nervous and not himself at all.

“She asked him to come back to the house. She told him what (her daughter) said and he would not confirm or deny it.

“Mr Saxon later explained that he had given her a hug but she had overreacted.”

The court heard that after Mr Saxon left the child’s home she told her mother about the other alleged assaults.

Two days after the last alleged incident the mother met Mr Saxon to establish what had happened.

Miss Blackband said: “Mr Saxon was very upset and was asking her to stand by him and said effectively ‘I have done it’.

“But then almost immediately he realised what he had said and retracted it.”

On July 27 2012 the child’s mother told Mr Saxon that she wanted “no more wishy washy” and the pair met for a second time.

They spoke about an alleged incident in which Mr Saxon is said to have touched the girl’s breasts while she sat next to her sleeping mother.

Miss Blackband said: “What (Mr Saxon) said on this occasion was more shocking.

“He said ‘yes it did happen but I did it because I thought it was you but then I stopped’”

Following the second meeting the mother sent a text message to Mr Saxon in which she said: “Hell would have to freeze over before I let you near my children again.”

During yesterday’s hearing footage of an August 2012 interview between the child and a police officer was played in court.

When asked if she told her mother about previous alleged assaults the child said: “I didn’t feel like I could.”

She added; “I couldn’t really do anything, I was like a slave”.

The child told the officer that the alleged incidents made her feel ‘sick’.

The case continues.