Former Leighton Buzzard PC denies indecent assault against ‘compelling liar’

Luton Crown Court
Luton Crown Court

A ex-police officer has denied indecently touching a young teenage girl, who he claims is a ‘compelling liar’.

Steven Saxon, 57, who now lives in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, is said to have made the child feel like ‘a slave’ after allegedly assaulting her seven times in Leighton Buzzard between July 2010 and July 2012.

Mr Saxon, who was a Bedfordshire PC for 25 years, denies the charges.

During a trial held at Luton Crown Court this morning the 57-year-old disputed the prosecution’s case against him, telling the jury that he never inappropriately touched the child.

It was previously heard that on July 25, 2012, Mr Saxon waited until the girl’s mother left the kitchen of his home before reaching forward to put his hands inside the girl’s top and bra,

On Monday Laura Blackband, prosecuting, told the hearing that the alleged incident capped off two years of sporadic assaults and that after it occurred ‘something snapped’ and the girl told her mother.

However today Mr Saxon denied the prosecution’s version of accounts, stating that he had merely given the child a hug after she’d had an argument with her mother.

He added that the claim of indecent touching ‘greatly hurt’ and that in his opinion the teenager is a ‘compelling liar’.

Mr Saxon said: “Her mother came in and (the child) said ‘Shut up mum go away’

“There a was a bedraggled child in front of me.

“I said ‘Your mother was only trying to help you’ and I hugged her.

“I put my head against her head, it was an emotional hug”.

Mr Saxon told the jury that the hug lasted ‘a few moments’ before he went back to the dishes.

An hour after parting company that evening the child’s mother and Mr Saxon spoke over the phone, before meeting to talk through the claim.

The 57-year-old told the jury: “(The mother) said that (the child) said I had pulled up her clothing and tweaked her nipples.

“I said ‘Why would she say that, it does not sound like her at all’”

Mr Saxon said that he and the mother approached the child, but stopped asking her about the allegation as “it was clear she was likely to be difficult any minute”.

In the following days Mr Saxon and the mother exchanged a number of text messages and met twice.

At the opening of the trial on Monday, Miss Blackband told the court that during the first of these meetings Mr Saxon “effectively” admitted his guilt to the mother, after she re-enacted another alleged assault on the child.

Giving evidence today Mr Saxon refuted the claim,

He told the jury: “I said I can see how that could have happened, she got angry that I would not admit it.

“I said I would not admit something I did not do.”

On August 2, 2012 a complaint was made to Beds Police and the child was interviewed by officers.

Later that month Mr Saxon was arrested and also questioned by police.

It was then that five other claims of indecent assaults– including one in which Mr Saxon is said to have touched the girl’s breasts while she

sat next to her sleeping mother– were put to him.

Mr Saxon told the hearing: “I nearly fainted, it hurt me greatly.

“I have not ever touched (the child) in a sexual way.”

The case continues.