‘Heartwarming support for Neil’

Rachel Marshall organised an appeal for cat food.
Rachel Marshall organised an appeal for cat food.

Neighbours of a Linslade man who disappeared on New Year’s Day say the support from strangers has been “phenomenal”.

Morrisons car park assistant Neil Devlin, of Town Bridge Mill, Leighton Road, lived on his own with his cat before he went missing almost two weeks ago.

But thanks to the generosity of people living in the block of flats, Neil’s beloved pet Whiskers has been temporarily rehomed.

Glenn Haynes, 26, who has lived opposite Neil for around three years, said: “My family and I have taken his cat in because I didn’t want the RSPCA to take him away.

“Whiskers is Neil’s best friend. If he came back and he was gone he would be devastated. So now if Neil does return I can hand it straight over to him.

“Neil is very quiet if he hasn’t met you before, but when you get to know him he opens up. I was shocked when I was told he was missing because Neil is quite a vulnerable person, so it is quite scary to think about. He has struggled since the death of his mum last year; they were very close.

“He is a good neighbour to have. All we want to do if find him and get him home safe.”

Rachel Marshall, who has lived at Town Bridge Mill for five years, put an appeal on Facebook for help with the cost of cat food for Glenn.

“We got a phenomenal response. It is really lovely and heartwarming that so many people want to help.

“The community has come together so well which just shows there are good people out there.

“Whiskers is doing well; he was scared at first because I think he’s a quite a shy cat, but he has settled in really well.”

The mum-of-two says she has been overwhelmed by everyone who has given cat food, litter, collars and treats.

She added: “It would be absolutely brilliant if he came back, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

“I think he might find it quite difficult to get back to normal, but with all the support from his neighbours and people in the community, I’m sure we would get him back on his feet in no time.”