Helicopter deployed in Leighton Buzzard as four suspected burglars are arrested


Four men were arrested on suspicion of burglary in Leighton Buzzard in the early hours of Friday morning.

Police were called by concerned residents who reported suspicious activity.

A burglary was subsequently reported in Waterdell. The helicopter was deployed and four men were arrested.

Officers also recovered items believed to be stolen property.

The men remain in custody and detectives are continuing to investigate.

Detective Inspector Andy Southam, said: “Prompt action by our officers means we have arrested four men, whilst still in Leighton Buzzard.

“We continue to investigate the incidents in the area that have been reported to us.”

Bedfordshire Police can be contacted via the online reporting centre on its website, or call 101.

> A public meeting takes place in Leighton Buzzard on Saturday, June 16 with the police between 10am and 2pm. There will be Q&A sessions at 11am and 2pm. Our reporter will be there to see what transpires. More details at https://www.leightonbuzzardonline.co.uk/news/crime/policing-priorities-for-leighton-buzzard-will-be-reviewed-says-chief-superintendent-1-8518843