Intruders blamed for farm’s sheep deaths

Kim Ivory of Old Stock Farm, Hockliffe
Kim Ivory of Old Stock Farm, Hockliffe

A woman has been left “shocked” and “horrified” after the farm she lives on was broken into and 14 sheep were killed.

Kim Ivory, of Old Stock Farm, Hockliffe, noticed the perimeter fence of the farm had been broken by a vehicle, on Monday, August 4.

She found ten sheep dead and four had been badly injured.

She said: “I am shocked that someone has broken into the farm, they have rammed their way through the fence and driven around the land.

“We have lost ten sheep already and four sheep were so badly injured that they will have to be put to sleep, it’s really upsetting.

“I think it is horrific that someone can break into a farm and drive around terrifying these animals, to the point where they have died, maybe because of the shock or maybe they have been run over, we do not know.”

The incident was reported to the police.

If anyone saw the incident or has any information, contact Bedfordshire police on the non-emergency 101 number .