Job lost (before it began) due to pickpocket


An unemployed woman has claimed that a theft in a pub caused her to lose her job before she’d even started it.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, went out with friends to The Lancer, Leighton Buzzard, on Saturday, May 28 to celebrate the impending start of a new job in Milton Keynes.

However at around midnight a pickpocketer stole more than £100 from her bag – leaving her unable to afford to travel to work for her first day in the job on Tuesday.

The woman told the LBO: “I called and explained that my money had been taken and it was all I had, they said that I should find somewhere else to work. I’m absolutely distraught, I can’t sleep and it constantly frustrates me.

“I don’t tend to go out and this was just to celebrate the start of a new job.

“From what someone has told me I am not the only one who had something stolen, someone was clearly on a rampage.”

Beds Police has failed to comment on the incident.