Lorry driver throws cold tea onto Leighton Buzzard receptionist after she asks him to give way

A Leighton Buzzard receptionist was left shaken up after a lorry driver threw tea through her open car window and left her soaking.

Janine Cordery, 47, who works at Pear Tree Dental Practice, Hockliffe Street, was travelling down Hartwell Crescent on Monday at 6.45pm when a silver flatbed truck appeared at the other end of the street.

Hartwell Crescent. Credit: Google Maps.

Hartwell Crescent. Credit: Google Maps.

The lorry flashed its lights to ask her to move over or reverse, but as Janine was already over half way down, and with another car behind her, she flashed her lights to signal for the man to moved backwards.

When he didn't move, Janine then opened her window and called for him to reverse - which he did - but as she drove slowly past his lorry, she was in for a nasty shock.

Janine, who lives in Milton Keynes, said: "I got this quite huge amount of cold, sugary, sweet tea all over me. It was all down the steering wheel, it had reached the passenger seat, and I was soaked from head to foot.

"I was very upset. Just in shock."

Janine didn't catch a glimpse of the man's face and can't be certain whether anyone was in his passenger seat.

The lorry itself was a silver flat bed with a corrugated pattern and drop down sides. The dental receptionist didn't see any signwriting, either.

She added: "I'm quite angry that he had the nerve to do it. If I was a bloke would he have done it? Probably not.

"There were two little spaces on my left, but there was no way my car was going to get in them; if I could have done it I would have done it, especially as it was a lorry.

"He obviously got the hump because I needed him to drive the vehicle back, but if you can't reverse your vehicle then should you be driving it in the first place?

Unfortunately, Janine didn't have the chance to write his number plate down, so she has not reported the incident to the police.

She also thinks a dashcam may be a good idea for Christmas.

Janine said: "You wonder if he makes a habit of it or whether I'm the first? I'm lucky it was just cold tea - and I dread to think how many sugars were in it!

"I would just ask people to be aware of their surroundings. Do some forward planning in similar situations and slow down. Take a bit more care when driving and just be aware of what's going on around you."