Pheasants slain during raid

Dozens of dead pheasants were left strewn across a field after three men broke into a Hockliffe farm, a court heard on Friday.

Kane Lee, 21, of Ridgway Road, Luton, admitted to the theft of 80 pheasants at Woodcock Hill Farm, Little Lane, on August 21 along with two other accomplices, who broke through the gates of the farm and used a dog, stones and a catapult to kill the birds.

When police arrived they found 26 slain pheasants in the back of a vehicle, which officers were unable to trace to a registered owner.

Lee was arrested at the scene and denied killing the birds, laying the blame at the door of the “traveller boys” he raided the farm with.

The 21-year-old plead guilty to theft and was released on bail to await sentencing.