Pig noise neighbour accused of breaking restraining order within 24 hours

Stephen Aylott
Stephen Aylott

A man convicted for making pig noises at his neighbours broke a restraining order made against him within 24 hours, a court has heard.

Stephen Aylott, 53, was sentenced on May 28 after spending more than four years harassing neighbours from his housing association bungalow in Eleanor Close, Woburn.

The 53-year-old continually slammed doors and windows to unsettle his next door neighbours, attempted to drive into their vehicle and would run his lawnmower every time they went into their garden.

He would also taunt them over their weight by making oinking noises, referring to them as ‘pigs’ and by ripping out weight loss articles from magazines to throw over their fence.

This morning Luton Magistrates’ Court heard that within just 24 hours of the sentence being handed down Mr Aylott broke the terms of his restraining order by jumping out in front of his neighbour’s moving car, “making a silly face” and then running back into his home.

The neighbour was forced to perform an emergency stop and was “left shaken and with fear”, the court heard.

It is also alleged that two days later the 53-year-old repeatedly slammed the windows and doors of his home to unsettle his neighbours.

Mr Aylott denies both charges.

Imran Khan, defending, said: “Mr Aylott says that the car did not approach him.

“He says he had no idea that the car was there and is of the opinion that the neighnour caused an accident and not him.”

The case has been adjourned for a trial at Luton Magistrates’ Court on October 1.

In the meantime the conditions of Mr Aylott’s bail require him to live at his mother’s address and not to enter Woburn at all.