Police presence upped to deal with nuisance bikers

A rise in nuisance motorcyclists on the streets of Leighton has prompted the town council to fund additional police patrols, LBO can confirm.

Over the summer months Leighton-Linslade Town Council has been flooded with calls from residents reporting the actions of individuals seen leaving the road on their motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes.

The anti-social behavioural problem is said to be at its worse around Meadow Way and Astral Park, with the town council stepping in to use Operation Dodford funding to up police presence in the area.

It is hoped increased patrols will deter would be offenders.

Town councillor Amanda Dodwell said: “The council and police are taking this problem very seriously– not only is it a nuisance but the behaviour of these individuals is potentially very dangerous.

“It is important that residents who see nuisance motorbikes take a full description, including the license plate number, and pass this onto the police using the non-emergency number 101.”

Sgt Andy Rivers echoed Cllr Dodwell’s call, urging residents to report nuisance bikers.

He told LBO: “We are reliant on the community to tackle this and if it is known who the driver is and where the vehicle is kept I can give an official warning (under s59 of the Road Traffic Act).

“If there is evidence (of nuisance driving) I can seize the vehicle.

“At the moment Astral Park is a hotspot but we are working on that with public support.

“Those ringing through to us on 01582 473411 can remain anonymous.”