Police warn elderly to beware courier scam

Police are appealing for witnesses to the foiled raid
Police are appealing for witnesses to the foiled raid

The elderly and vulnerable in Aylesbury Vale are being targeted by fraudsters conning them out of their cash and bank cards.

Thames Valley Police have reissued a warning after people in three towns in the area have suffered losses.

The scam sees the victim receive a phone call from someone who claims that they are from their bank or the police.

They tell the victim that they are calling because there has been suspicious activity on their account and advise them to call the bank from the number on the back of their card.

The victim puts the phone down and re-dials their bank or police but the conman has kept the phone line open so, even though a number is dialed, it is not connected and the victim is still on the phone to the thief, who then gains their trust and asks them to either say or key in their pin, before telling them their card will be collected and a replacement delivered.

Once the crooks have all the information they need, a courier is sent to collect the card from the victim, and a bogus replacement is delivered.

The thieves have obtained the person’s name, address, full bank details, the card itself and the PIN. The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim’s knowledge.

Det Sgt Nicole James, from the Economic Crime Unit, said: ““The fraudsters who carry out this type of crime are very skilled in portraying themselves as authentic bank employees or police detectives, and make the scam seem genuine by asking the victim to ring their bank.

“Our advice is that, if you receive such a call, end it immediately.

“Your bank will never attend your home; and neither the bank nor the police will ever collect your bank card or ask for your PIN. The more we can spread the word about this type of fraud, the less success the fraudsters will have.”

TVP has received 107 reports of this type of fraud in the last seven months.

Bank and building society staff are being told to be particularly vigilant for any unusual instances of elderly people withdrawing large sums of cash.