Record fine for Luton man who posed as architect

Court news
Court news

A Luton man has been fined more than £23,000 for claiming to be an architect.

Robi Miah, 34, was convicted of twelve counts of the criminal offence of misusing the title ‘Architect’ at Luton Magistrates’ Court on January 23.

Magistrates heard that Miah, of The Lodge, Ludlow Avenue, practised under the name ‘Mia Architects’ despite not being registered with the Architects Registration Board, in breach of section 20 Architects Act 1997.

Miah, who also practices under the name Rob Mia, had used a variety of sources to advertise the title, submitted a number of planning applications and continued to misuse the title while ignoring ARB’s numerous warnings.

He had also stated that he was registered with ARB when he was not.

Part of ARB’s evidence included previous assurances from Mr Miah that he would to stop calling himself an architect.

Luton Magistrates’ Court took the view that these were serious and aggravated breaches and, even taking into account Miah’s guilty plea, imposed a fine of £23,700 with a further £5,825 in costs and surcharges making a total of £29,525.

Simon Howard, ARB’s Head of Professional Standards said: ‘Mr Miah chose to ignore the law by practising as ‘an architect’ and the Court chose to protect the public by imposing a record fine.

“The level of fine should act as a warning to those who try to gain benefit by misleading the public into thinking they are architects when they are not.

“Anyone wishing to use the services of a genuine architect should check the Register of Architects at’