Specials praised for successful arrests in Leighton Buzzard

Two Specials have been praised following successful arrests in Leighton Buzzard, despite being on their way home at the end of their shift.

Acting Special Superintendent Simon Greenland and Special Police Constable Jonathan Gilloran had completed a shift on Tuesday, December 17, and were on their way home when they spotted a car driving without any rear lights and stopped it in Weston Avenue, Leighton Buzzard.



When the Specials stopped the car, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis as well as drug paraphernalia and a weapon.

Two men were consequently arrested on suspicion of drug and driving offences.

Inspector Kelly Day said: “These officers decided to take on one more job before heading home for the evening, which resulted in two people being arrested and drugs being seized.

“This time of year we see an increase of intoxicated people behind the wheel and I’m glad these specials stopped this dangerous driving before anything worse could happen.

“They fully deserve to be recognised for their excellent work and dedication to the force.

"They will be returning to their day job, knowing they’ve helped fight crime.”

Special Constables are volunteers who dedicate their free time to support their community, and help keep the neighbourhoods across Bedfordshire safe.

For more information being a Special Constable, and how to apply, visit the force's website.