Teenagers terrorising our estate in Leighton Buzzard are ‘bad eggs’, says victim

Sabrina's home has been egged four times.  (Library Image)
Sabrina's home has been egged four times. (Library Image)

A Leighton Buzzard woman who lives on Sandhills is fed up with teenagers ‘terrorising the residents on the estate’.

Sabrina Latimer’s house was egged for the fourth time last Sunday and she has had enough and wants to make a stand.

She said: “This problem has been going on for six months and I have had enough. They are terrorising the residents on the estate, they are scaring children with their behaviour.

“My 10-year-old son doesn’t want to play out anymore because of them and it is not fair. On Sunday, I had got back from shopping and we were all watching TV when we heard a big bang, my husband and I ran to the door and saw them running and riding off, so we chased them.

“I must have looked a right sight, it was freezing and I was running in my pyjamas, but I didn’t think I just ran.

“My husband saw where they went so I got in my car and went to find them, when I confronted them, they denied it but I said I saw them, I did get angry and swore at them but I have had enough now.

“They were all white, aged about 14, they weren’t travellers and they were on bikes.

“People probably know who they are, it’s the same group that are always causing chaos, they have been throwing eggs at houses and at cars going past.”

Sabrina did not report the incident to the police but wants to see a high police visibility in the area as she says they never see any police.

Beds Police encourages residents to report all anti-social behaviour, via the non-emergency 101 number. If there is an immediate threat to life or property then you should use 999.

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