Thug from Leighton Buzzard tore woman’s hair out

Court news
Court news

A thug from Leighton Buzzard was spared jail after tearing a clump of hair out of a woman’s scalp in front of her terrified six-year-old son.

Rosemary MacKay, 42, of Vimy Road, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court last Thursday after carrying out the vicious attack on May 7.

The court was told that MacKay turned up at the woman’s street with a friend – who was related to the victim.

The prosecution stated: “The victim says she saw both of the ladies together outside. There was a knock at the door. She thought it was strange but went to answer it.

“Rosemary MacKay then came in and began shouting and pulling her hair. The victim asked what she wanted and was fearful. They ended up scrapping in the hallway.”

The victim was punched and her hair yanked as MacKay launched into an attack.

“All this happened in the hallway,” said the prosecution. “Her little boy was there screaming on the stairway and that was distressing for the victim.”

Eventually, MacKay’s friend entered the house as did a man, who managed to pull Mackay away from the victim.

During the course of the attack, a clump of hair was pulled out of the victim’s head and she was also cut. She needed to go to hospital to have her scalp sealed with glue.

MacKay gave a ‘no comment’ interview to police after the assault.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she was “embarrased and upset”. As a teacher, she couldn’t work “with wounds like that”, had to wear a lot of make-up and had trouble sleeping for fear of a further incident. Her six-year-old son had since refused to sleep alone.

MacKay was given a 14 week sentence suspended for 12 months. In addition, she was made subject to a 7am to 7pm curfew for six months, with costs of £415.

A two year restraining order was granted banning her from contacting the victim.